Dissolving the Political

We need more theory because we need more understanding. This is why we do not need politics in any shape or form. But many think they do. Most think they do. Sheepish, they await, anxious and eager to know what is happening in the world. Only that this world is completely beyond their realities. Politicians are only real because they are in television. They speak in stereotypes, and lie over and over. And you forget and vote again. You pray that you will be able to hold your job.

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Politics as Creative Toxic Waste

As Brian Fung reported for the Washington Post on June 24th, the British electorate, after voting to leave the European Union, decided to learn about their decision and its consequences. After the count, they started ‘frantically Googling’ what the European Union is. I think that there is no point trying to argue the merit of the vote, and whether or not they should have voted the way they did. The important point is that they voted without knowing what they were voting for. They were also forced or coerced to vote. In other words, whether or not they were educated on the issue at stake was not a prerequisite for casting a vote. In fact, you can be completely ignorant about everything related to it, and you can still cast a vote that will supposedly count. You also do not have to know what consequences to expect in order to vote, but you will have to suffer through them anyway. What can we make from this?

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Latino Men and Blog-o-Bullshitism

Latino Men and Blog-o-Bullshitism

I have a hard time seeing how many people in the 21st century still promote stereotypes that link ways of being with a geographical area. The result is an unconscious kind of racism that comes across as deeply misinformed. This has a lot to do with the current age of information acceleration and quality drop. People write more about unimportant things. And when they write about culture difference, they may be incorporating and perpetuating unchecked preconceptions about other cultures.

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Power and Habitus

Power is one of the most dangerous human concepts, closely linked to grand narratives, colonial capitalist lies, governmental deception, pain and suffering. Humans lust for it, crave for it, kill for it, die for it, and live for it. They want to take it, keep it, use it, control it, defend it, and make sure their enemies don’t get it. In short, power is an illness of the mind and the soul – a pathology that afflicts, distorts, corrupts, rottens and disfigures people’s minds through concepts like modernity, civilization, society, science, industry, social and technological progress. 

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by Michierre Fourdieu

Prejudice & Politics

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Power and Habitus

by Michierre Fourdieu


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