Power and Habitus

Power is one of the most dangerous human concepts, closely linked to grand narratives, colonial capitalist lies, governmental deception, pain and suffering. Humans lust for it, crave for it, kill for it, die for it, and live for it. They want to take it, keep it, use it, control it, defend it, and make sure their enemies don’t get it. In short, power is an illness of the mind and the soul – a pathology that afflicts, distorts, corrupts, rottens and disfigures people’s minds through concepts like modernity, civilization, society, science, industry, social and technological progress. 


Habitus and habituation are concepts that attempt to describe how people put their senses on hold to act on automatized preconceptions instead. Marcel Mauss ridiculed how brainwashed nationalists move in unison, their creativity pounded off their heads like a hammer splattering a bug. Looking closely at habitus can reveal that many people rarely think about what they are doing deep enough to reform their ways and grow. Rather, they settle for what they find familiar, adopting so-called commonsense explanations for everyday interactions and sociocultural phenomena. Stuck to habitus, they act according to slow changing preconditioned norms.  

Power and Habitus are starting points for the materials I aim to discuss here. Although I take inspiration from Michel and Pierre, I am not interested in mainstream scholarly knowledge. I reject various scientistic narratives, the most dangerous of which is what passes by ‘evolutionary thinking’ these days. It just means you can tell some story about a selfish organism coming up with reproductive and protective strategies. May readers enjoy the explorations and journeys that we are about to take.


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