Dissolving the Political

We need more theory because we need more understanding. This is why we do not need politics in any shape or form. But many think they do. Most think they do. Sheepish, they await, anxious and eager to know what is happening in the world. Only that this world is completely beyond their realities. Politicians are only real because they are in television. They speak in stereotypes, and lie over and over. And you forget and vote again. You pray that you will be able to hold your job.

My advice is simple – go live, and forget about mainstream politics. Don’t waste your time with it, don’t give it another thought, and make the world around you a better place, by becoming a better person. You may ask, what is a better person? Have you ever done anything that you regretted? That’s the place to start. Thinking and talking about politics, and even doing politics, is something I deeply regret. I wasted a lot of time giving my attention away. And the ambitious politicians who took it never cared about it.

Just remember what I’m saying when you get frustrated, wasting your time, as I once did, with political questions that have no answer, wasting your time learning about political science and theory, about governments, and economies, about corporations and presidents. Go live and don’t waste another minute with this foolishness. Don’t believe people who do not know you personally and can speak to you looking at you straight in the eye. If they cannot do that, you have no reason to trust them. Be more like the hound that sniffs danger, fear, anxiety and pretenders. They all fight shoulder to shoulder, head to head, to fill up the seat of power, accumulating riches, and destroying their adversaries.

Go read literature and the works of the imagination – there you will find solutions and insights that may lead you into a better life. At least you can have a chance to develop your mind. Be bored at the repetitive nature of politics, with its endless cycles of bullshit, idiocy, fanaticism, the build up of the elections, and the disappointing results and consequences. Put your power where it belongs – your own life, those around you, the immediate community, and put your knowledge to good use. Don’t waste time politicking.


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